Musical numbers

This is not an exhaustive list, as I have omitted most of the scene change musicbut gives some idea of the range of extracts used.  Note that the words quoted are the titles in the original G&S versions, and may not be the words used in the actual adaptation - in fact, one of the trickiest things is to learn to sing the 'wrong' words to the music - and then, having learned them, to go back to the originals!!


Act I:

Carol Singers: ‘It came upon a midnight clear’.

Scrooge: Oh, why am I moody and sad? – Ruddigore

Fred: Good Morrow, Good Mother – Iolanthe

Orchestra: The incantation music from Iolanthe 

Chorus: Painted Emblems - Ruddigore

Marley: 'beware beware beware' - Ruddigore

Chorus & Mrs Cratchit: Melange:You understand? I think I do – Ruddigore, Of happiness the very pith – Gondoliers, Now hearken to my strict command - Princess Ida, Let’s give three cheers for the sailor’s bride – Pinafore, Pour, oh, pour the pirate sherry – Pirates

Mrs Cratchit, Bob & children: Brightly dawns our wedding day – Mikado

Scrooge: Major General recitative, Act II - Pirates of Penzance

Xmas Past & chorus: Fairy Queen Incantation: Iolanthe

Orchestra: arrangement of When the Night Wind Howls - Ruddigore

Chorus: Now to the Banquet we press – Sorcerer

Young Scrooge & Isabel: When alone together – Gondoliers

Young Scrooge, Isabel & chorus: This very night – Pinafore

Fezziwig, Elizabeth, Young Scrooge, Isabel & chorus: A Nice Dilemma - Trial by Jury

Chorus: Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen - Pinafore, and With joy unbounded – Trial

Isabel: Alone, and yet alive – Mikado

Chorus & principals: Oh Marvellous Illusion, O Terrible Surprise! – Sorcerer

Act II:

Orchestra: Christmas Present march 

Scrooge: The hours creep on apace – Pinafore

Orchestra: The ghost of Christmas Present music starts - Sentry’s song from Iolanthe, with other counter melodies

Chorus: For the merriest fellows are we - Gondoliers

Scrooge: Mad Margaret’s song – Ruddigore

Gravediggers & chorus: The Graveyard Gavotte

Gravediggers & chorus: Away, away - my heart’s on fire – Pirates

Chorus: Funeral march from Yeoman

Chorus: Onward Christian soldiers

Mrs Cratchit: The hour of gladness – Mikado

Isabel & Scrooge: There was a time, a time forever gone – Gondoliers

Chorus: Oh fool, that fleest my hallowed joys - Finale Act I: Mikado

Chorus: With joyous shout and ringing cheer - Finale: Mikado

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